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HR Digitalization Solution – Shangri-la Group HR Connect

HR Digitalization Solution – Shangri-la Group HR Connect

HR Digitalization Solution - Shangri-la Group HR Connect

Shangri-la Group HR Connect is a cutting-edge application designed to centralize and streamline all HR digitalization functions for every member of our staff and workforce. This innovative app provides a unified platform to manage a wide range of HR tasks and services, making it easier and more efficient for our employees to access and utilize essential HR resources. Notably, the app is available for both mobile and desktop users.

Objectives: The primary objectives of the Shangri-la Group HR Connect project were to:

  • Centralize HR services into a single, user-friendly application accessible via mobile and desktop.
  • Improve accessibility to HR resources for all employees.
  • Enhance the efficiency of HR processes.
  • Foster a culture of digitalization and technological advancement within the organization.

Challenges: One of the main challenges was integrating various HR functions and ensuring a seamless user experience across different departments and job roles. Additionally, data security and privacy were critical concerns.

Solution/Approach: We adopted a comprehensive approach, involving:

  • Collaborative efforts from HR experts to identify essential functions.
  • Custom app development to ensure user-friendliness for both mobile and desktop users.
  • Rigorous data encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information.


  • Increased HR process efficiency and reduced administrative workload.
  • A user-friendly application accessible to all staff and workers, whether they prefer mobile or desktop.
  • Positive feedback and adoption from employees.
  • Encouragement of digitalization across the organization.

Tools/Technologies Used:

  • Mobile app development platforms.
  • Web application development tools.
  • Data encryption and security tools.
  • User experience design software.


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